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Core Corazon

The Core Corazon Screen is designed to cover a comprehensive range of medical investigations. It provides all the core procedures that enable our physicians to analyse each individual's risks and state of health.

Here are the areas that a Core Corazon Screen covers:

We issue each individual with a comprehensive medical health questionnaire prior to their appointment. The individual is asked to bring this completed form to their appointment where it is discussed and analysed.

Examination of the following:

  • Height 
  • Weight 
  • Chest expansion 
  • Waist & hip measurement 
  • Blood pressure recording 
  • ECG (Electrocardiogram)
  • Body Mass Index 
  • Body Fat Analysis 
  • Lung Function test 
  • Pulse

Investigation of the following:

  • Blood tests:
    • Kidney function 
    • Liver function 
    • Haemoglobin estimation 
    • Red cell size & haemoglobin 
    • White cells 
    • Platelet count 
    • ESR 
    • Full range of cholesterol 
    • Blood sugar estimation 
  • PSA (Prostate blood test) – men over 40 only
  • Urine tests:
    • Sugar 
    • Protein 
    • Blood
  • Faecal occult blood – over 40’s only

Using the findings of the investigations listed above we conduct a calculation of risk of heart attack or stroke within 10 years. We then provide a recalculation showing how modifications to lifestyle can lower risk, giving the candidate an idea of how small lifestyle changes can directly impact on their health.

A detailed report, written by a physician, will be sent within 10 working days.

This includes:

  • A summary of past and current health.
  • All examination and investigation findings, with analysis.
  • Risk calculation findings.
  • Physician's action plan and comments.
  • Advice on ways to improve health, relevant health leaflets and guides.


Contact us to find out more about the Core Corazon.

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