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Back Care Awareness Week

Today is the start of Back Care Awareness Week  (4th-8th October) and this year’s campaign will be focusing on Working from Home, Studying at Home, and Spending more time at Home.

During the COVID-19 pandemic millions of people started working from home, which has led to increased reports of back and neck pain. Improper workstation, bad posture, lack of physical activity, as well as excessive stress, all contributed to back and neck problems that many of us are still experiencing. 

At Corazon Health we could support your employees with Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Assessmentsphysiotherapy, as well as workshops and webinars in which staff can learn some simple and effective stretching and strengthening exercises. Contact us for more information on these services. 

To find out more on how you can support your employees and what your staff can do to reduce the risk of developing back pain, have a look at our guide below.