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Dry January 2022 - Are you ready for the challenge?

This month is Dry January - the UK's month long alcohol-free challenge that helps thousands of people rethink their relationship with alcohol. The campaign, run by the  Alcohol Change UK since 2013, aims to raise awareness of alcohol-related problems and educate people about the health benefits of abstaining from alcohol.

With more and more people committing to take on Dry January every year, it would be a great idea to support such challenge in the workplace too – for productivity and performance, staff's general wellbeing, social interactions, health and safety, and more! 

Could your team go dry this January?

If you would like to promote Dry January in your workplace, head over to the official Dry January website to find some resources that will help you encourage your team to take part in the challenge.  And why not provide an extra support for employees by booking our Alcohol Awareness Webinar? It will improve their overall knowledge of alcohol and help introduce ways to manage intake for optimal wellbeing for Dry January and beyond.

We have prepared 'Dry January' guide that contains resources with advice and tips on how to abstain from alcohol and where to find support - share it with your employees and help them to achieve their goal.

Do you suspect that an employee is misusing alcohol?

An employee’s drinking habits can affect all organisations, regardless of how large or small they may be. It can cause several workplace issues such as absenteeism, presenteeism, inappropriate behaviour, as well as safety concerns.  Introducing Workplace Alcohol Screening can be an important part of any HSE program. It is especially crucial in safety-critical roles, for example when employees are using machinery, driving or operating heavy equipment. Testing should be used and presented as a supportive tool to help identify any employee who might cause harm to themselves or others. If you would like to consider alcohol screening at your workplace, please get in touch with us and we will help you to organise this.