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Healthy Eating - Diabetes Awareness Week and Healthy Eating Week

As next week there's Diabetes Awareness Week and British Nutrition Foundation Healthy Eating Week, there’s never been a better time to reflect on our eating habits and make positive changes to our lifestyles. We have prepared a guide for anyone who would like to make improvements to their diet and start eating more healthy. It has loads of tips and advice on how to follow a well-balance diet and some important facts on diabetes.

Are you an employer and would like to support and promote healthy eating among your employees? Book one of the nutrition workshops that will improve their health awareness and help them understand the improvements they could make to their diets.

We can also offer health checks for your employees which can help to identify some health problems that employees may have. Each individual appointment measures height, weight, body mass index, blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood glucose. 

To find out more about nutrition workshops and employees' health checks, please get in touch with us