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Make sure you are ready for the upcoming flu season

Over the last two years lockdown restrictions, social distancing and face coverings supressed the spread of respiratory viruses with Public Health England reporting lower rates of flu cases compared to pre-pandemic seasons. However, this low prevalence of influenza during the pandemic may have led to a drop in immunity among the population. In addition, as social contact returns back to normal, there is a risk that there may be a large influenza outbreak this autumn and winter. Therefore, it’s important that you have an effective plan in place for the 2022/23 flu season to protect both your employees and your organisation.


What are the benefits of vaccinating your staff against flu?

- Preventing transmission of the flu among the staff

- Reducing employees’ absence and presenteeism due to sickness

- Improving productivity in the workplace

- Supporting workplace risk assessments and enhance safety measures

- Boosting staff’s confidence and morale

- Supporting wider public health


How we can help you protect your employees against flu

This year we are offering two convenient ways to vaccinate your staff - physical vaccines delivered via booked onsite clinics or vouchers that are redeemable on the high-street at over 2000 stores in the UK. The vaccine offered will be quadrivalent and cover the World Health Organisation's predicted strains for the season. To find out more about our flu vaccination programme and to order vaccines for your staff, please click on the document below.