Corazon Health was founded in 2002 by our three directors with a goal of providing health screening, well man/women style assessment, across the Cambridgeshire district.

We soon identified that there was a strong link between the health awareness service offered and other aspects of business health that are covered by occupational health. The transition was a natural one and we soon offered our fledging occupational health service to a core of East Anglia based clients, focusing on communication and quality.

These values and our approach of nurse led delivery were well received by our clients and our client portfolio grew at a steady rate, a trend which has led to our present client base of over 200 businesses.

We assist businesses across a wide range of private sector industries such as; manufacturing, education, services, retail, food, print and research to name but a few.  This has given us a great pool of experience to draw from and a solid working knowledge of how to successfully implement our services.

From our headquarters in Cambridgeshire we have expanded a clinical footprint across the UK; with clients in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. So, no matter the size, location or spread of your business we will be ready to help. We pride ourselves on our ability to communicate with our clients so you will not find a call centre in sight.