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12th-18th June 2023

Changing attitudes to men's mental health #ITSOKAYTOTALK

men and mental health

3,852 men took their own life in England in 2021 which accounts for 76% of all registered suicides.

It is no secret that a stigma still exists around men’s mental health, and sadly, many men feel uncomfortable or embarrassed to talk about their emotions and feelings. They often don't ask for help and hide their problems. There are many reasons for this and one of them is the pressure men face to "man up". The stigma of men speaking out is that it is seen as a form of weakness or not "manly." Men have long suffered in silence due to unrealistic stereotypes and expectations. But it doesn’t have to be this way. We want to encourage men to be more open about their feelings and seek the support they need.

ANDYSMANCLUB – Our 2023 Charity of the Year

We advocate for the causes that we are passionate about and have decided that our 2023 Charity of the Year will be ANDYSMANCLUB - a men’s suicide prevention charity offering free peer-to-peer support groups across the UK and online. By highlighting the work ANDYSMANCLUB does and helping to raise funds for them, we hope to reach more men and encourage them to talk openly about their mental health.

The charity’s aim is to end the stigma surrounding men’s mental health and provide men with a safe space where they feel comfortable to talk and open up about their feelings and experiences. ANDYSMANCLUB has groups at almost 100 locations across the UK but men can also join sessions online. The groups meet every Monday at 7pm.

a couple worried about their finances, rising bills and the cost of living crisis

Raising awareness in the workplace

ANDYSMANCLUB delivers free talks and awareness sessions to businesses, charities and other organisations nationwide both onsite and online. Their sessions consist of an overview of their story, the importance of talking, the story of the man delivering the session and how their services can be accessed.


Looking after your mental health is not something you should just do if you are struggling, or feeling low, anxious or stressed. It's actually something you should think about all the time and really invest in, just like with your physical health. There are lots of things you can try to take care of your mental health. Five Ways to Wellbeing presents some simple steps you can do every single day as part of your self-care:

  • Connect - connect with other people

  • (Be) Active - move your body

  • Notice - take notice of the environment around you

  • Discover - learn something new

  • Offer (or give) - do something for someone else

Have a look at our Five Ways to Wellbeing Guide to get some inspiration and ideas on how you can boost your mental wellbeing. The guide also has information on where you can find support if you are not coping or if you are feeling lonely.

Men and Mental Health. Five Ways to Wellbeing
Download PDF • 1.56MB


Mental and physical health are equally vital so why not provide your employees with an insight into their overall health with our Men's Health Checks? These health checks can not help to identify some of common health issues such as high blood pressure, but they can also encourage your employees to make positive lifestyle changes. Plus, they aim to raise awareness of both prostate and testicular cancer among men to help them spot early signs of the disease.

Find out more:

Men's Health Checks
Download PDF • 1.02MB

man having health checks done


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