Musculo Skeletal (MSK) health is one of the leading causes of absence in the UK, an estimated 31 million UK working days are lost each year due to MSK injuries. The average wage cost of MSK injuries to organisations is £142.38 per employee per year; furthermore there is the cost of productivity changes and providing cover for MSK absences. 

We can provide you with access to two tiers of physiotherapy services to suit your requirements.

Traditional Treatment & Rehabilitation

The aim of physiotherapy treatment is to help restore movement and normal body function in cases of illness, injury and disability. 

Physiotherapists take a biopsychosocial and holistic approach, looking at the body as a whole rather than focusing on the individual factors of an injury or illness. A wide range of treatment techniques and approaches are used, which include:

  • Manual therapy techniques – relieving muscle pain and stiffness, and encourage blood flow to an injured part of the body
  • Mobilisation – smooth movements of 2 or 3 seconds of small or large force anywhere within the range of movement of the joint.
  • Manipulation - a thrust of small force on the joint at the end of its range of movement.
  • Movement and exercise – taking into account a person’s current level of health and their specific requirements.
  • Other techniques – such as electrotherapy, heat, cold and acupuncture to ease pain.
Blended Service Approach (Patient Advice Line)

The Patient Advice Line (PAL) service is an innovative, over the phone treatment solution, designed to empower and heal your employees whilst reducing your costs. As it is delivered by the telephone is offers fast track access to clinical intervention and includes escalation to the traditional service when required. 

PAL can reduce absence levels by allowing employees to be assessed and treated at work by senior experts, they will receive advice and personal exercise programmes to help them recover faster. 


If you require any further or information or have any questions regarding these physiotherapy services please do not hesitate to get in touch with us via the link below or by giving us a call on 01223 834 404.