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Team holding a meeting about environmental, social and governance initiatives

environmental, social and governance

We are committed to ethical and sustainable business practices meaning that we take account of our social, economic and environmental impact. We adopt responsible behaviours that reflect our core values as an organisation. Corporate social responsibility is a key aspect of our culture that has been instilled into our company since day one.

working with local communities

Working together with our employees, clients, suppliers and other stakeholders, we are able to make a positive, sustainable impact and help to engage the people around us and benefit them where practicably possible. Enriching local commerce is always a principal objective of any new contract and we will, wherever possible, strive to give employment opportunities to local people and offer local businesses opportunities to become key supply chain partners.

MINIMISING the environmental impact

We constantly seek to mitigate the impact of our actions on the environment through sustainable procurement, waste management schemes, and the efficient use of resources. By shifting our service delivery towards paperless and digitised solutions, we have managed to significantly reduce our carbon footprint. Also, providing flexible work opportunities for our employees contributes to less total commuting and reduced emissions from vehicles. We also spread awareness and encourage employees to address sustainability and take pro-environmental actions in their daily lives. 

supporting charities AND GREAT CAUSES

We believe in giving back where we can.  That's why we support our employees in individual charity work by helping to raise funds and giving a time off to volunteer for charities that are close to their hearts. We also choose and sponsor a local charity each year and arrange various fund raising events for key national charities. And as we strongly believe in sustaining our environment, we give medical equipment and consumables which are no longer required by us to a much admired local Cambridge charity.

Team thinking about supporting charities
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