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Nurse giving a flu jab to an employee

Protecting your employees against flu

During flu season we offer workplace vaccination service which aims to protect staff from catching flu and thereby minimise possible disruption to businesses and organisations due to infleunza-related work absenteeism. Offering vaccinations to employees can prevent ill health, reduce sickness absence, improve productivity, boost staff’s morale, and enhance health measures.​ We offer two convenient and cost-effective ways to vaccinate your staff - flu vaccination clinics delivered via booked onsite clinics or flu vouchers that are redeemable at over 2000 pharmacy stores across the UK. 


Proactively supporting the health and wellbeing of your staff

Through our partner services we provide Employee Assistance Programmes (EAPs) - a comprehensive scheme that gives employees instant access to a wide range of supportive services. The EAP includes free counselling and a legal information helpline available 24/7 everyday, face to face counselling sessions, telephonic cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), as well as medical information line staffed by qualified nurses offering guidance on a range of medical or health related issues. Employees also get access to online wellbeing portal and health e-hub smartphone app which has monthly newsletters, lifestyle advice, coaching tools, interactive health assessments, as well as various health programmes. 

Happy woman using her phone to access Employee Assitance Programme


Scientists working in the laboratory analysing samples

Ensuring safety in the workplace for everyone

Workplace drug and alcohol screening can be a key component of ensuring safety for all staff and reducing the risk of accidents due to substance misuse. This is particularly important in safety critical roles where employees are operating heavy machinery, using electrical equipment, working at heights or driving vehicles. In partnership with Synlab we offer drug and alcohol screening that is UKAS accredited and RISQS certified. There are a wide range of screening methods available and substance tests that can be performed on a for cause or routine basis. We can also assist you with developing a drug and alcohol policy that will provide a consistent framework for both testing and the management of drug and alcohol misuse in the workplace. 

Man driving forklift truck in the warehouse


Going the extra mile to help businesses keep employees safe and well at work

Two employees working in the warehouse
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