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New employee starting a new job in the office


Supporting your new employees to fulfill

their potential from the very first day


Validated by our clinical team, health questionnaires are quick and simple for your prospective employees to fill in. The questionnaire will highlight any pre-existing health conditions which may need to be considered in light of the risks associated with their new role 


Our experienced, professional  OH Advisors suggest reasonable adjustments and provide further advice and guidance as appropriate. They offer recommendations so that you can support your staff to work efficiently and safely from day one


Our online OH platform allows you to collect and assess the information easily, making your recruitment process more effective. We keep you informed about the progress of the health assessments via automatic update notifications

ensure THAT the prospective employee is fit for the role 

New Starter Health Assessment is a valuable tool in checking whether the person you have recruited is capable of fulfilling their new role. We carefully consider any pre-existing health conditions that an employee has and review how they may impact the job they will be undertaking. Where issues are identified, we make recommendations to support the employee to carry out their role safely and efficiently.

Production employee working with steel in the factory
Teacher having a lesson in the classroom

minimise the POSSIBILITY of future sickness absence

Having all the information you need to proactively support your employees’ health from the moment they join your organisation, may help you to minimise the likelihood of their long-term absence in the future. As a result you could reduce costs associated with absenteeism and prevent negative impact on the continuity and performance of your business.

REMAIN COMPLIANT with The Equality Act 2010

The service helps with early identification of those in need of assistance or extra protection in accordance with The Equality Act 2010. We recommend any appropriate adjustments and provide advice on how to avoid aggravating an employee’s health condition through the requirements of the job. You can then move forward in the employment process with confidence that the health of your new staff is protected and that you are compliant with the current legislation.

Employee in the wheelchair working on a project with a colleague


The referring manager connects to the online OH platform and generates a new case. They enter and pick relevant role details and supply any supporting documents that will aid clinical understanding and assessment. 

The employee receives an e-mail notification to connect to our online OH platform and completes a short health questionnaire. They are guided through the required data, and once finished the case is submitted to our clinical team for review.

An employee who has not declared any medical conditions will be deemed able to work without any adjustments. If a prospective employee discloses a medical issue or health condition, they may undergo a telephone assessment with the OH Advisor.

The practitioner prepares a report that outlines the assessment outcome, including any recommendations regarding the management of the employee’s health. When a report is completed and issued through the online OH platform, an e-mail notification is sent to the referring manager.

Smiling New Starter working in the office
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