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Smiling man holding a tablet and working in a friendly team


OUR culture and VALUES

Corazon Health has a family feel and ethos, a culture of appreciation and close sense of trust.  Our ELITE values are part of who we are, what we stand for and how we act. They are firmly ingrained across the whole business guiding how we work with each other, governing our actions, holding us accountable to do our best, and enabling our success.

Team working together on a project and sharing ideas


We promote an environment of positive collaboration and communication, where we actively listen, support, respect and value each other.

Leader in a meeting explaining project


We believe in demonstrating fairness and consistency while leading by example to achieve our shared ambitions.

Employees applauding a member of the team celebrating success in the company


We thrive on each other's growth and successes, recognising and rewarding a diversity of talents, endeavours and loyalty. 

Open and honest manager talking to the team in a meeting


We embrace a culture of openness, honesty and integrity as a foundation to our commitment to each other.

Leader encouraging growth and development among other members


We encourage initiative, value responsibility and nurture growth and development to enable us to flourish.

OUR people

Our people, as individuals, bring the personality, intellectual capacity and skill base we need to excel. They also bring the passion for what they do, the relationships that cannot be duplicated and the years of experience which make that all important difference. We are immensely proud of our people and of the unique contribution each and every one of them makes to the ongoing success of Corazon Health. As a team, our people demonstrate how commitment to a common vision can achieve the most ambitious of goals.

Smiling woman leading a meeting with the team

INVESTING IN people's potential

We believe that people are the foundation of our company. That's why we are devoted to supporting, engaging and investing in their development. Our goal is to provide our employees with learning opportunities to develop skills, further careers and help them achieve their personal and professional goals. Also, being aware of a national shortage of qualified occupational health advisers, we launched our training academy in 2007 and have successfully “grown our own” Corazon Occupational Health Advisors since then. We bring in registered general nurses with a synergistic background who work with our qualified team for a year, learning the required skills, understanding commerciality and how to improve workplace health. We then sponsor them through the occupational health degree with the support of our qualified mentors. 

what our employees think about us

Working for Corazon health has been a fantastic experience. I have worked for the business for over 12 years, having worked for the NHS for many years. Corazon have given me the opportunity to grow as a professional within the business. I have been provided with resources, and support from peers at every step. Corazon have a can do approach, we are innovative and constantly changing to adapt and meet the needs of commercial business.
- Carole, Clinical Lead OH
Corazon Health's team
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