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Helping you to keep your employees in work and performing at their best


We help to proactively support employees' health and wellbeing across a wide range of industry sectors including pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, educational establishments, and a broad range of manufacturing clients 


All management referrals are processed through our online OH platform. The portal is easy to use and it's fully GDPR compliant with robust security systems in place to protect your employees' data

clear and concise reports

Our evidence based reports are easy to understand. They provide you with relevant clinical information so that you can make informed decisions, where operationally and commercially viable, on how to support your employees and their health issues effectively

reduce levels of short and long-term sickness absence

We assess staff on short or long-term sick leave and identify any underlying mental and/or physical health conditions behind your employees’ sickness absence. We advise on the likely timescale of the absence, promote an effective return to work plan where appropriate and suggest practical solutions on how employees can be supported throughout.

HR meeting to discuss sickness absence
Unmotivated employee looking at the screen and not working

tackle presenteeism and improve productivity

We provide an insight into problems with presenteeism and poor performance which may be linked to a physical or mental health issue and offer recommendations about how it may be managed. Uncovering the causes of presenteeism and tackling them with additional support for employees is crucial in preventing burnout and increasing productivity in the workplace.

retain your valuable employees

We advise on reasonable adjustments to enable employees with a disability, physical illness or mental health conditions to work effectively and safely. This could involve making temporary or permanent changes to a job role, providing specialised equipment, changing working arrangements or offering staff training. By creating a workplace culture that is inclusive and supportive, you can achieve greater success with the value and talent that people can add to the business.

Disabled employee discussing production plans with the management


The referring manager connects to our online OH platform and generates a new referral case. They can enter in relevant case details, background information and any supporting documents that will help with clinical understanding and assessment. There is an option of a background call with one of our OH Advisors if required prior to conducting the referral.

Our administration team contacts the referred employee and offers them the next available appointment. Once the date is confirmed, the referring manager is informed and a text reminder is scheduled for the employee.

Consultations have a set structure to ensure consistency of approach and that detailed information is collected to help form a clinical opinion. Our practitioners confirm the goals of the consultation, obtain consent, and explain how the information gathered will be used to generate a report to their employer.

The practitioner generates a report that addresses the referral topics, specific questions raised by the referring manager and provides advice on the continued management of the case should that be required. The referring manager receives a notification once the report is available.

Employee having an appointment with Occupational Health Advisor to discuss health issues
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