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It's time to get excited for your next UK holiday!

Happy family on holidays in the UK

The long-awaited summer holidays are finally here! And it's a perfect time to discover our beautiful Great Britain which is full of stunning countryside, picturesque coast, quaint market towns and villages, bustling cities, as well as historic sites and monuments. There are so many amazing things that you could do all over the country – from taking a sightseeing tour of London’s iconic landmarks, climbing up Ben Nevis, kayaking on Lake Windermere and spotting the seals at Blakeney Point to relaxing on the tranquil beaches of Conwy. The choice is yours!

Ensuring that we have sufficient rest from work is considered one of the key pillars of maintaining our health and wellbeing. Everyone needs time to rest, relax and recharge. Escaping your daily routine and going away somewhere new can significantly improve your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.

When you discover new places, you start seeing things from different perspectives and you develop a broader understanding of the world around you. It sparks your creativity, imagination and interests helping you to learn something new and live through new experiences.

Also, doing physical activities like hiking, swimming, biking or kayaking can have many positive effects both on your body and mind. From improving your fitness levels, boosting your energy, making you sleep better, and clearing your mind to reducing feelings of anxiety and stress. And as you spend time in nature, you will feel more relaxed and positive. Being outdoors is a great way to wind down - nature generates a multitude of positive emotions, such as calmness, joy, and harmony.

Moreover, staycations provide the perfect opportunity to strengthen the relations with your family by spending more quality time and doing things together. You could have a chance to develop a much closer understanding of each other, share the same experiences and create good memories. The importance of positive family relationships for emotional wellbeing cannot be underestimated.

Happy two friends smiling together and hugging

If you still haven't planned your summer getaway, have a look at our Staycation guide below to find some inspiration. From taking a city break, exploring nature reserves, discovering historic places, to enjoying festivals - there's something for everyone to choose from. So pack your bag and go out to create those holiday memories that will last forever.

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